I Love Me featuring the “my bad” bunch!

The book is about life lessons for children and teens and also being able to set goals so they know every step of the way which direction they like to go in life. I love me, which is the title of the book includes goal charts and vision boards used as tools so our youth can implement in their daily lives as they grow into maturity. This is a good way for our youth to have an idea what they like to be or what project they like to accomplish again as they grow into maturity. Even a hobby could be reflected in the vision boards and goal charts. The book also shows unification and multiculturalism through friendships. The book shows how we can be united as the my bad bunch exhibits in the book, friends stick together even though they come from different nationalities. The book is also used as an inspiration to those who needs an outlet to exhibit anger and frustrations and offer ways to cope with anger. I love me also give examples of how following bad examples even if it’s people we know can be harmful. Our Youth can be leaders by saying no! I am not going to do that. And these are a few life lessons that may go along way.