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I Love Me featuring the “my bad” bunch!

The purpose of this book is to help build your confidence. To help build a clear purpose for your life. This book is dedicated to all future middle schoolers who are seeking guidance on how to tackle this big gigantic confusing world. First and foremost, always seek advice from a responsible adult such as it be your parents, grandparents, or other guardians in your life a god parent or a favorite aunt or uncle, or even your favorite teacher. And never keep secrets from your parents or guardians keeping secrets means you have something to hide and your too young to hide things. There is no situation that you have encountered, that you cannot share with someone. If you are approached by anyone even someone you know, to keep a secret, talk, talk and talk to someone.


The “My Bad” bunch invites you, to buy our book and watch our Videos you may upload game for 10.00. Have fun!